I advise student research in modern Japanese history. In supervising theses and doctoral dissertations, I look forward to working with students who adopt fresh approaches or look at neglected actors, themes, topics, or connections.

Advised projects include:

M.Phil. Advisees

  • TOMSOVIC, Philip Devon. M.Phil., 2017. “The Emergence of Men’s Magazines in 1960s Japan”
  • LEUNG Ming Tak, Ernest. M.Phil. 2016-2018. “Economic Pan-Asianism: Nishihara Kamezo, Interventionist Economics and Sino-Japanese Unionism, 1889-1919”

Ph.D. Dissertations (Reader)

  • SKUTLIN, John Michael. Ph.D., 2017. “Japan, Ink(ed): Tattooing as Decorative Body Modification in Japan”
  • WONG, Yee Lam Elim. Ph.D., 2017. “Inheritance and Transformation of the Cantonese Migrants in Yokohama Chinatown from the 1860s to the Present: A Case Study on Shantenki and the Xie Family”